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Dear Sirs. The staff of PATENT AND LAW AGENCY "GOLDMARK" is glad to welcome you on our page. We will be glad to cooperate with you on every matter, you are interested in.


PRELIMINARY SEARCH OF THE TRADEMARKThe preliminary search for the identity and similarity, which is as a rule conducted before filling an application, largely predetermines the process of the further trade mark registration. The results of the search will help you to decide, is it worth to invest additional money to the registration procedure and promotion of this or that trade mark or think over the development of new trade mark. It is likely your trade mark will become a famous and expensive brand in future.

We will investigate the name and consider the logo of your trade mark before its registration, assess chances for the successful registration of the trade mark.



РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ ТОРГОВОЙ МАРКИ (ТОВАРНОГО ЗНАКА) В УКРАИНЕPossible periods of registration of trade name (trademark) in Ukraine:

1. STANDARD registration period lasts 12-14 months.
registration period lasts 8-8,5 months.
registration period lasts 4-4,5 months and it is often used for subsequent registration of domain name in the zone .UA..

 Having worked out the trade mark, many producers start using it before the submission of the application for the trademark registration. It is not always reasonable. One should remember that the registered trademark is one of the most important cornerstones of its successful use. Take care of the legal protection of your trademark!



РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ ТОРГОВОЙ МАРКИ (ТОВАРНОГО ЗНАКА) ЗА РУБЕЖОМThe principle of registration and legal protection of trade names is national, i.e. registration of designation by legal entity or individual in one country does not grant them the rights to such designation in another country. To do this you need to register in a particular country or countries.

We register trade names in Russia,directly on the territory of other countries, using the Madrid System, and trade names of European Community (Community Trade Mark Registration in European Union). We will be glad tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of a registration of trademarks abroad!


РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ АВТОРСКИХ ПРАВSuccessful, promising and profitable projects (as a rule, based on the certain works) have always attracted unfair competitors and those people, who wish to earn using somebody else's reputation. Sometimes even the most insignificant question can be their hitch. In particular, we are talking about copyrights unregistered in proper way.
Despite the fact that copyrights are not subject to compulsory state registration, practice, particularly the judiciary, argues the opposite: the state registration of copyright must exist!

It is possible to provide an accelerated version of a copyright registration.



According to the legislation of Ukraine, the availability of the barcode is not obligatory for all groups of products. But requirements of modern enterprises of the wholesale and retail sale dictate their own terms.

The barcode is first of all the practical instrument, thanks to which one performs accounting operations while delivering or selling goods. Trading enterprises simply will not have an opportunity to perform accounting operations without a barcode!


Trademark registration. What is the passport to success?

в чем залог успеха ТМ на главной странице

The recipe for the successful “activity” of the trade mark, bringing the commercial success to its holder, is predetermined by at least three factors:

1. The trade mark should be easy to remember and bring good associations with the product, which it marks and with the rendered service (that is the task of the trade mark designer). Such a task is solved as a rule by means of creating the trade mark and by means of working out the logo, corporate identity, slogan, etc. of the trade mark.

2. The trade mark holder should be able to use his trade mark skillfully in the marketing activity, particularly during the advertizing campaign. The own trade mark is the key element of the recognition of the product or service and consumer loyalty to them.

3. And one more important factor is the following: the trade mark should be dully protected. On the practice it means that you require the registration of trade marks and copyrights to the logo. Unfortunately, producers of goods and services not always apply for assistance to the professionals, when they design the trade mark. On one hand, that can cause a situation, when the brand or trade mark don’t evoke positive association with the consumer and are not remembered for some reasons; on the other hand, we can talk about too big similarity with the already existing sign, trade mark. More over, having designed the trade mark, the producers start using it before filling an application for the trade mark registration. And that is not always reasonable. Thus, the trade mark registration is the third key element of its successful use. It is rather possible that in future your trade mark and brand will become the weal of your company. One should take care of the proper legal protection of your trade mark!

The specialists of our Agency will consider the sketch (logo) of your trade mark before its use and assess its ability to perform the advertising function. We also can give you all necessary recommendations as to the practicality of registering the trade mark on the basis of the preliminary performed search. Particularly, during the trade mark registration, we recommend to perform the registration of copyrights to the original logos (submitting them for the registration in the capacity of the work of visual art).

The trademarks registration in Ukraine is as a rule a continuous (with the standard registration procedure) and complicated process. Thus, for the successful registering the right to the name of the trade mark, design, logo and / or slogan, you will require not only patience and specific volume of money resources, but also knowledge of the world of law in the sphere of the intellectual property, particularly trade marks registration, and a great deal of free time. Making the registration procedure of the trade mark, logo, slogan quick and unnoticeable for you, and the trade mark registration in Ukraine is such a work, which can be qualitatively performed by our patent agency Goldmark.

Our Patent and Law Agency "Goldmark" also renders the following services: accelerated registration of trade marks, and registration of trade marks abroad (particularly the international trade marks registration). Performance of the procedures of trade marks registration is not an easy task. That is why specialists of our Agency can confidently tackle such a task. The trade mark registration, particularly the international registration of trade marks is one of our main specializations, but not the only one. Besides rendering the full range of services on the trade marks registration (including the transfer of rights to the trade marks, signing licensing agreements for using trade marks, pre-trial and judicial settlement of disputes, connected with the use of trade marks in Ukraine) we will be glad to cooperate with you on the matters of registering and protecting other objects of the intellectual property: copyrights, production pieces, utility models, and innovations.

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