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Facts about IP
Successful advertising campaigns of some BRANDS
  • .UA domain registration can be carried out only after the registration of a trademark in Ukraine
  • Terms of TM registration in Ukraine: standard (18-20 months) and accelerated (7.5-8 months)
  • When registering a trademark in Ukraine for two or more people, the state fee for filing an application increases by 30%
  • Non-residents of Ukraine can register trademarks only through patent attorneys of Ukraine

Other services

We apologize, but this section of our site is only available for residents of Ukraine. The fact that the cost of official registration fees for residents and nonresidents of Ukraine is different. In this regard, we ask you to tell us what country the applicant, whose name will be registration of a trademark. After receiving your message we will contact you immediately and will specify the cost of registration of a trademark.


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