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Facts about IP
Successful advertising campaigns of some BRANDS
  • .UA domain registration can be carried out only after the registration of a trademark in Ukraine
  • Terms of TM registration in Ukraine: standard (18-20 months) and accelerated (7.5-8 months)
  • When registering a trademark in Ukraine for two or more people, the state fee for filing an application increases by 30%
  • Non-residents of Ukraine can register trademarks only through patent attorneys of Ukraine

Conducting a search for identity and similarity

What is a preliminary search?
A preliminary search of trademark is a procedure to identify the previously declared and registered trademarks (brands), which are identical or similar to the tested trademark (brand) with its verbal part, design part or both.

We can conduct searches for you in Ukraine, Russia, using Madrid System or the base of symbols of the European Community (Community Trademark Registration in European Union) at different times. Specialists of our Agency will certainly help you to choose the most appropriate option for your search.

Why do we recommend you to conduct a search?

Trade name, mark for goods and services, trademark

In accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, a trade name is a symbol or a combination of symbols which are capable to distinguish the goods (services) of one manufacturer (service provider) from the goods (services) of another manufacturer (service provider).

We register trade names on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, directly on the territory of other countries, using the Madrid System, and trade names of the European Community (Community Trademark Registration in European Union). We will be glad to tell you in details about advantages or disadvantages of different types of registration procedure.

Registration trademark in Ukraine

Possible periods of registration of trademark in Ukraine:

  1. STANDARD registration period lasts 12-14 months.
  2. ACCELERATED registration period lasts 8-8,5 months.
  3. THE SHORTEST registration period lasts 4-4,5 months and it is often used for subsequent registration of domain name in the zone .UA.

Registration of trademarks abroad

The territory of legal protection of trademark

The principle of registration and legal protection of trademarks is national, i.e. registration of designation by legal entity or individual in one country does not grant them the rights to such designation in another country. To do this you need to register in a particular country or countries.

We register trademarks in Russia, directly on the territory of other countries, using the Madrid System and trademarks of the European Union (European Union Trademark - EUTM). Below you can find out more information about advantages and disadvantages of different registration procedures.

Registration and protection of copyright

General legal issues of copyright and neighbouring right are very voluminous and multifaceted, that’s it is not possible to describe them in this subsection. It is not also judicious, because you can become familiar with these issues in detail in articles 433-448 of the Civil Code of Ukraine as well as in the Law of Ukraine "On copyrights and neighbouring rights".

We have analysed which questions you are interested in the most in the process of registration of copyright, i.e. in practice. So this subsection is devoted to answers of these questions.

Registration of barcodes

Every manufacturer is interested in having his goods as soon as possible find their consumers. On the way to consumption your goods are passing the stages of storing, transportation, distribution and sale. The qualitative good marking with barcodes ensures efficient operation at all stages. First of all, barcode is a practical tool and because of it the accounting operations are carried out during delivery and sale of goods.

Registration of Industrial Designs

The rapid development of design art has resulted in consumers are becoming more interested in the goods they buy to be not only useful but also attractive aesthetically. This makes manufacturers not only invest more money in the design, but think seriously about protecting the results of designers’ creative activity by the obtaining the rights to industrial designs.

An industrial design, as one of the objects of intellectual property, is the result of human creative activity in the field of artistic design. In other words, this is original, aesthetic and decorative decision of article (product, good) appearance. An industrial design is intended to attract buyers to its appearance. In most cases the appearance of product becomes the determining factor of its selling.

Registration of inventions and utility models

Speaking the language of the legislator, an invention as well as a useful model is the result of human intellectual activity in any field of technology. An object of an invention and a utility model can be device, substance and process in any field of technology.

Protection document that certifies priority, authorship and property right on an invention (a utility model) is a patent which is issued for 20 years from the date of application (for inventions) and for 10 years from the date of application (for utility models).

Domains registration

The most often we come across with the matter of the registration of the domain name in zone .UA. There is a common mistake to think that one can register the domain .UA by the application number. It is not so, because its registration requires the availability of the registered trade mark. Attention, dear clients: not simply a trade mark, submitted for the registration, but those one, which has already passed all the registration stages and which is supported by the document of title, i.e. Certificate. This is the obligatory precondition of the Rules of the domain name .UA.

Registration of contracts on the transfer of rights

Management of property rights to the intellectual property is performed on the basis of the following contracts: 
1) license for using the legal object of the intellectual property; 2) license agreement; 3) contract on the order creation and usage of the legal object of the intellectual property; 4) contract on the transfer of the exclusive property rights to the intellectual property; 5) other contracts, connected with the management of property rights to the intellectual property (particularly the franchise agreement or franchise contract as it is often called).