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Facts about IP
Successful advertising campaigns of some BRANDS
  • After filing an application for registration of a trademark, changing the image of the trademark and expanding the list of classes is not allowed
  • Terms of TM registration in Ukraine: standard (18-20 months) and accelerated (7.5-8 months)
  • Non-residents of Ukraine can register trademarks only through patent attorneys of Ukraine
  • When registering a trademark in Ukraine for two or more people, the state fee for filing an application increases by 30%

Logo designing

Logo is the face of the trade mark or even the whole company. Its designing as a rule marks the start of the new stage in the company development – work over the corporate style, selection of corporate colours, original distinguishing graphical elements, types. The successful logo can promote not only fruitful promotion of the trade mark. It is also able to have a substantial impact over the positive image of the company in general.

The logo designing is a complicated creative process. It requires the efficient interaction with the client. Specialists of other Agency will not only perform the preliminary search of the verbal part of your trade mark they also will be able to design a logo and register a trade mark after that. Thus, we can render you a full set of services.

It is rather interesting to observe the process of the restyling of logos of famous trade marks. It is notable that some of them exist for several decades without changes, and some on the contrary constantly experience different corrections.

We would like to suggest you several interesting examples:

  • the basis of the logo of Mercedes-Benz brand is the depiction of three beams. They mean three elements: ground, air and water;
  • an integral part of Nike logo is the corporate “check mark”, invented by student of the Portland University Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Payment for her work amounted 35 dollars;
  • founders of Google search system have initially invented another name. Firstly they liked the name “BackRub”, specifying by their opinion the ability of the search system to analyze “back links”. But soon they have changed the name for “googol”, defining the numeral in the decimal numeration system, performed by one with 100 zeros. For more 9 years logo remains unchanged, only letters become more angular;
  • logo of Apple Company initially was not the laconic apple, but Newton, sitting under the apple tree. It was performed in a sophisticated engraving technique. Business of the company founders did not go the successful way, and they decided to change something. They started with the logo. The striped colourful apple was their logo for 23 years. After that it was discoloured and acquired a more modern outlook;
  • Motorola Company exists for 80 years. The corporate logo with letter “M” in such an outlook as we know it now appeared in 1955;
  • in 1982, 40-year old software programmers, former employees of Xerox Company, founded the company, producing software. They called it Adobe in honour of the stream, which was flowing behind the house of one of the co-founders John Yornok. Only for the sake saving money the logo was not ordered in the design bureau. Yornok’s wife was asked to draw it;
  • the first photo cam of the company, which is now known under the name of Canon, got its name in 1934 in honour of the 1000-hand Buddhistic god of benevolence Кwanon. The company founders behaved the wise way. They registered a great number of words similar by the sound form with Кwanon to protect their trade mark. In the process of the trade mark use the name of Canon wan. It is also notable that Canon’s logo in its original type performance is used for more than 50 years and it still has the modern outlook;
  • the modern version of SONY logo was developed in 1973. The company leadership does not think about the company restyling;
  • the first logo of Nokia was an awfully looking fat fish. The word “Nokia” in the Finnish language means the animal, something like a ermine.

The term “logo” appeared early 19th century in the typography (graphical decoration of the printed text by means of typing and positioning, using norms and rules, peculiar to certain language) and was a synonym of the term “double letter”, i.e. it meant the composition of two or three signs of the printing type. It emerged after the raise in production which resulted in the growth of volumes of the produced goods, export and competition increase. In the middle XIX the logo was used to name any text cliché, which should not be typed again and again. For example, the title-name of the newspaper.

In XX, the logo was used to name the symbolically-rendered type depiction of the name or the name itself in such a depiction, or the conventional symbol, defining the organization or product. Further, the opinions go different ways. Some people call the logo both the type and graphical part of the trade mark, the other ones – only the type part.

The first logo was the logo of Prudential Insurance Company – the Gibraltar Mountain. This logo appeared in 1896. In 1910, another logo appeared. It contained the picture of a dog Nipper, sitting in front of the gramophone and listening attentively to the sound. Slogan “Voice of His Master” is here the part of the logo. It is interesting that RCA Corporation, which has bought out Victor Talking Machine Company in 1920, still uses it for its products promotion.

The following requirements are as a rule performed to the logo:

  • memorability
  • universality
  • originality
  • associativeness
  • expressiveness
  • functionality
  • laconism.

One usually thinks that the ideal logo should perform six key functions:

  • actual
  • expressive
  • referential
  • impressive
  • poetical
  • metalinguistical.