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Успешные рекламные кампании популярных ТМ
  • en. Регистрация торговой марки в Украине и регистрация торговой марки за рубежом - отдельные процедуры
  • en. Предварительный поиск на тождество и сходство торговой марки проводится по специальным закрытым базам данных Укрпатента
  • en. Торговой маркой могут быть, в частности, слово (слова), изобразительные элементы (рисунки), комбинации слов и рисунков
  • en. Для начала работы по регистрации торговой марки Вам необходимо заполнить анкету и доверенность, бланки которых мы

ТМ Маркет

Dear Clients!

If you have ideas for a new project, it is important at the same time take care of his title. A good name is known to be one of the components of success of the whole project. Remember the famous phrase "How do you call a boat, so it will float"? But just think of a name is not enough, it certainly is necessary to protect: to own and easy to operate, and to teach it to competitors to steal it. And if you could also .UA domain in the area to take, so all good. So, you can register as an invented name as a brand "from scratch" (it is important that at the same time it also was free), and ... buy a ready-made title! The advantages of the second path is at least the fact that the terms of renewal of the trade mark on the new owner's account for only 2 months; You do not need to "wrestle" over coming up with a name (you are given a ready-made solution); no risk of failure to register. We offer you a list of brands, whose owners would like to sell them. To purchase, as well as the possibility of placing their brands, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you further.

Domain: no Cl: Сl: 35, 41, 43, certif 163456 6 000 $
Domain: no Cl: Cl: 16, 35, certif 101482 6 000 $